Something new!

Attribute Up
Starting date: 2015.02.16, 00:00:00until the 2015.02.22,00:00:00
During the event you will get more chances to get wind attribute goddess card!

Step gacha
Starting date: 2015.02.16,00:00:00 until 2015.02.22,24:00:00
During the event,the possibilty of 4&5 Star Goddess Card has arrived almost 100%!Don't hesitate!

Gold Gacha
Starting date: 2015.02.21, 00:00:00——2015.02.27,24:00:00
During the event you can use gold to summon goddess,enhance cards and evolve cards!

First charge Reward
Starting date: 2015.02.20, 00:00:00until 2015.02.22,24:00:00
Join us and make the first charge!Crystals will be doubled during this event!

One Recharge Four Cristals
Starting date: 2015.02.13, 00:00:00until 2015.02.19,24:00:00
For one recharge of 1 100 Crystals and above (9.99 USD): Every 100 crystals, and once a day, four types of soul crystal will be available. You will have 5 chances to collect the 4 crystals during those five days.
For one recharge of 11 500 Crystals (99.99 USD): Everyday try to catch one the 4 stars random cards that will be released. You will only have 5 chances, once a day during this special period of 5 days.

Chances of intensify promoted
Starting date: 2015.02.16, 00:00:00 until 2015.02.22,24:00:00
During the event,chances of intensify have been promoted!Come and check it out!

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