Monday again!

Gold Gacha
Event date: 2015.03.09, 00:00:00——2015.03.15,24:00:00
During the event you can use gold to summon goddess,enhance cards and evolve cards!

Gold discount
Starting date: 2015.03.13,12:00:00 until 2015.03.16,12:00:00
During the event golds will be cheaper!5% off!

Expanse your storage
Starting date: 2015.03.09,12:00:00 until 2015.03.12,12:00:00
During the event,any storage expansion only costs 80 Crystals instead of 100 Crystals!

First charge Reward!
Starting date: 2015.03.14, 00:00:00until 2015.03.15,24:00:00
During the event,everyone will get double crystals when you make the first recharge!

One Recharge Four Cristals
Starting date: 2015.03.09, 00:00:00until 2015.03.13,24:00:00
For one recharge of 1 100 Crystals and above (9.99 USD): Every 100 crystals, and once a day, four types of soul crystal will be available. You will have 5 chances to collect the 4 crystals during those five days.
For one recharge of 11 500 Crystals (99.99 USD): Everyday try to catch one the 4 stars random cards that will be released. You will only have 5 chances, once a day during this special period of 5 days.

Boxes Opening
Starting date: 2015.03.10,00:00:00 until 2015.03.13,24:00:00
During the event,You can get crystal boxes through the crystal summon and might get mission boxes during missions.Open each kind of box certain times can gain extra awards!
1.Each crystal summon can get one crystal box. "Special Crystal Summons"will get you 11 crystal box.
2.The more difficult mission you passed,more possibility to get crystal boxes.
3.Boxes opening's reward will be sent directly,not via mail.
4.When you get to certain times,you can acheive extra reward.This reward can be circulated until it reach the times' peak.

Cards exchange!
Starting date: 2015.03.14,00:00:00 until 2015.03.15,24:00:00
During the event you can tap on the main hall , exchange the cards so that make the best of idle cards. You might get a more stronger goddess!

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