Smash Stone’s story is based on the gods of ancient Greece.Shoot the gems so that can provide your own goddess energy to attack.More gems disapear,more damages to the enemies.And you will get all kinds of card that represent different beautiful goddesses.Though bubble games are familiar to players,this new system is still worth trying.Let’s get more information about the Smash Stone. At the beginning of the game , you can choose from five goddess that represent different attributes as a captain.Through the fights,there’s possibility to get stronger goddess.
Launch the gems,and it will do damages to enemies.But if the gem can’t eliminate the jewels above,the followning gems will be canceled.The system will calculated the gem score,which decided how much damage you can do.

After first launch,the system will begin the countdown, each launch you have three seconds to think, over three seconds the system will break off the remaining times of launch.
While you launching gems, you can just press the blue botton on the left of launch platform to switch any gem platforms. If no suitable gems can be fired, you can click on the bomb on the right of the screen, place the bomb,then destroy the surrounding jewels gem and get more energy.
There are 5 attributes in this game,water, fire, thunder, wind and soil.Each goddess owns differernt attribute.The 5 attributes have containing affect on each other.Beware of the condition and use it prpperly,then you will get unimaginative result!

Are you still wait and see?C’mon and join us!Get your own goddess!

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